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Upcoming Dallas PPA Events

    • April 11, 2023
    • 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Nuvo Room - 4241 Sigma Rd. Dallas TX 75244

    Stephen Stookey

    Sell Your Work Without Selling Out!

    Tapping into the print on demand marketplace using pearls of wisdom.

    Come join us to discover the world of Print On Demand wall art with Stephen Stookey.

    Dr. Stookey, is a university dean/church history professor at Wayland Baptist University and an ordained minister by day and photographer by night. Stephen captures visual stories from locations of natural beauty, historical importance, and spiritual significance. Stephen operates Stephen Stookey Photography, an online print on demand business.

    “Print-on-Demand (POD) companies offer artists the possibility of online revenue streams with the ease of outsourced production, distribution, and customer service. Artists face a plethora of POD providers and product choices. Finding the right fit for one’s studio is essential to a positive online POD experience. Stephen has tamed this territory and offers us a streamlined down system for navigating the print on demand platforms.

    He has found ways to, indeed make a good living from them. He will share his secrets, his cautions about time wasters, and his insights on how to create a path for ourselves in the print demand scenario that can bring us income. This presentation, alone, features incredible, artistic work but also a perfect opportunity to figure out whether or not the print on demand marketplace is our cup of tea. He works with fine Art america,, and several other POD platforms.

    1. Understanding the POD marketplace: vendors & products; pros & cons

    2. Strategies for starting a POD business

    3. Understanding what sells in the POD marketplace

    4. Strategies to help buyer’s find you: pricing & promotion

    5. Sales opportunities generated by POD presence”

    Stephen’s POD annual income supports his work & travel with global ministry organizations, funds family activities, and pays for equipment upgrades–all of which make his CPA (wife Beverly) very happy.”

    His images appear in publications and Hollywood productions and hang on the walls of businesses, homes, and high-end hotels.

    April 11th! 

    Pre-meeting event: Nikon Users Roundtable 

    5:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

    This month we have a free pre-meeting event for attendees of our monthly meeting. Come early and take advantage of this networking opportunity. 

    If you are a Nikon shooter, meet your fellow Nikonians and discuss all things Nikon. It can be your favorite settings, where to find certain menu options, new gear coming in near future etc. This is not a teaching event, but a networking opportunity for Nikon shooters. 

    Don't delay, REGISTER NOW.

    Social Hour begins at 06:00pm.


Past events

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July 12, 2022 Photowalk with Derrel Ho Shing
June 15, 2022 June Workshop - Painterly Storytelling Imagery by Amber Damour
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January 11, 2022 January Meeting - Jai Mayhew
December 14, 2021 Annual Holiday Award Ceremony - Mary Fisk Taylor
November 18, 2021 Getting Started with Print Competition - Tina Caron
November 10, 2021 Tim Walden Workshop - Diving Deeper Into Images That Speak
November 09, 2021 In-Person November Meeting - Tim Walden
November 09, 2021 Online November Meeting - Tim Walden
October 13, 2021 Jessica Drossin Workshop - Fine Art Photography: Creating Unique Stories With Distinctive Style
October 12, 2021 October Meeting - Jessica Drossin
September 19, 2021 Get the best value out of Dallas PPA
September 14, 2021 September Meeting - Ann George
August 06, 2021 Little Red Schoolhouse Presents Roberto Valenzuela
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July 13, 2021 July Meeting - Richard Sturdevant - Unlocking the power of Photoshop Brushes
June 09, 2021 Cris and Deanna Duncan Workshop - Lighting For Sales
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May 11, 2021 May Meeting - Dani Miller - Magical and Storytelling Portraits for Children
April 13, 2021 April Meeting - Leon Johnson - “Art Vs Analysis: Using left-brain tools to accomplish right-brain beauty”
March 30, 2021 Get the best value out of Dallas PPA
March 24, 2021 Guy T - The Easy Way to Navigate the CPP process to Success!
March 09, 2021 March Meeting - Sarah Ferrara Edmunds - The Creative Portrait
February 10, 2021 Monica Sigmon Workshop - Strategies to Elevate Your Brand, Client Experience, and Profits
February 09, 2021 February Meeting - Monica Sigmon Taylor - Strategies to Help Your Studio Come Out of the Pandemic
January 12, 2021 January Meeting - Roberto Valenzuela - How To Get Discovered, Get Hired, and Make Money as a Professional Portrait or Wedding Photographer
January 07, 2021 Print Competition Q&A
December 08, 2020 Annual Holiday Award Ceremony - Gregory Daniel
November 11, 2020 Gary Hughes Workshop - The Team Headshots Crash Course
November 10, 2020 November Meeting - Gary Hughes - How To Start a Headshot Side-Hustle
October 08, 2020 Little Red Schoolhouse Presents Luke and David Edmonson
September 09, 2020 September Workshop - Tim Meyer - History of the Portrait, Posing, and Lighting – The Secrets of the Rembrandt Portrait
September 08, 2020 September Meeting - Tim Meyer - The Real Rembrandt
August 11, 2020 August Meeting - Phaneendra Gud - Enhancing Portraits The Güd Way
July 15, 2020 July Workshop - Ella Carlson - Exploring the World of Possibilities within Photoshop
July 14, 2020 July Meeting - Ella Carlson - Creativity: Ella and the Aliens!
June 09, 2020 June Meeting - Byrd Williams - Being a Craftsman and an Artist
May 12, 2020 May Meeting - Tim Walden - Few Things In Life are Black and White
April 14, 2020 April Meeting - Mandy Corbell - Retouching for Real!
March 10, 2020 March Meeting - Michael Novo - Light Painting
March 08, 2020 Mock Print Competition
February 12, 2020 Judy Reinford Workshop - Creating Fine Art Images
February 11, 2020 February Meeting - Judy Reinford - The Art of in-person Sales
January 14, 2020 January Meeting - James Conway - A Directors Mindset

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