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Dallas PPA Meeting Photo Gallery 
by Edward Holmberg
(When you visit for the 1st time, you will need to provide your name and email to view the gallery)

    • August 06, 2021
    • 6:00 PM (CDT)
    • August 08, 2021
    • 6:00 PM (CDT)
    • 15201 Dallas Pkwy, Addison, TX 75001

    Roberto Valenzuela

    6th August, FRIDAY

    Day1: The journey and the inspiration

    6:00 PM – Check In

    6:30 PM – What it takes to be a successful photographer. A story of determination.

    Roberto will talk about his photographic journey, his struggles, and overcoming barriers to his photographic success.

    7:30 PM – Q&A with Roberto. Ask him anything about photography.

    8:15 PM – What makes an Image?

    Roberto will show you images, and talk about how they were made and the thought process behind them. This is the beginning of the inspiring images and words you will experience this weekend.

    Many photographers are uncomfortable posing their subjects. They don’t know where to start, or how to direct their subjects. They lack knowledge and confidence about good posing. Their subjects can FEEL the photographer’s discomfort. In the end, the subjects look unnatural or awkward, and nobody's happy with the result.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dallas PPA’s Little Red Schoolhouse is hosting Roberto Valenzuela, a world leader in posing education, to help you to see posing in a different way.   No longer will you feel lost when it comes to posing your subjects. Roberto will break it down and take the mystery out of posing. He will show you how he poses and photographs his subjects. You will gain confidence and flow in your posing. You will experience what it feels like to understand posing instead of guessing.

    Roberto will also tackle lighting. Think you know all you need to know about lighting? There is always more to learn about lighting and Roberto breaks it down for you. By the end of the day you will have a whole new confidence in your skills of posing and lighting.

    7th August, Saturday 

    Day 2 The Art in the camera - Pose and Light confidently

    9:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Posing and Lighting techniques

    12:30 PM to 01:45 PM: Lunch on your own

    01:45 PM to 05:30 PM: Fashion shoot using advanced posing and lighting

    8th August, SUNDAY

    Day 3: Translate your vision to print - Shoot, Edit, and Print

    09:30 AM - 12:30 PM:  Capture Fine Art Images

    12:30 PM - 01:45 PM: Lunch

    01:45 PM - 05:30 PM: Post processing and producing the final product in print

    The day will start with Roberto doing an Avant Garde Fine Art photo shoot. You will see in action the techniques you learned the day before.  He will show you things to take into consideration during the shooting phase to aid in getting the best printed product.  From there Roberto will move into his post processing. He will show you post processing techniques to produce a beautiful physical print whether you print it yourself or the lab prints a fine art portrait for you. You will be amazed by your final portraits when you learn how to think about the end product during each phase of the creation process.

    If you want total control of your image, you can do your own printing. Roberto will talk about all you need to know to do your own printing. Things like printer and paper selection, color space, and more will be examined. If you aren’t doing your printing now, this class may just get you to try it!

    Roberto is the author of 6 highly popular books. He highly recommends having the books Picture Perfect Posing and The Successful Professional Photographer as reference material in the class to optimize the experience and to make it easier to take notes.


    Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel

    15201 Dallas Pkwy,

    Addison, TX 75001

    *Below is the hotel reservation link to book rooms at a discount for LRSH


    Original Price $299

    The event is hosted by the Dallas Professional Photographers Association

    and is open to both members and non-members.

    LRSH 2021
    is a PPA Continuing Education System class:
    1 PPA Merit

    Refund Policy

    • September 14, 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CDT)
    • Yet to be decided

    Ann George


    Ann George chooses to embrace these Segway’s, sometimes even letting go of all rules to collect image by basis of narrative and not perfection.

    Ann will demonstrate her creative routine that she employs to create mood, expression, and meaning and turn any photograph into fine art. This seminar will guide you onto a pathway of magical realism, dreamy landscapes, and visual narratives. She will walk you through her intuitive process as she constructs a narrative into a single image using Photoshop, transforming direct shots and even “throw always” into another visualized world.

    Ann uses photoshop is used to coax the most mundane image into one that reflects mood and message. She will demonstrate that you don’t always have to start with a great image to make great art. 

    As I work intuitively, there is no one recipe that I will give you except the courage and permission to let go of rules, perfection and become the conduit for art.

    We begin at 7:00 p.m. CST

    • September 18, 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CDT)
    • Due to COVID-19, the meeting will be online.

    Get the best value out of

    Dallas PPA

    This orientation program is to help you get the best value out of Dallas PPA. 

    Some of the topics we will cover:

    - Educational resources 

    - Degrees and certifications paths  

    - Navigating the website

    - Print competition - DPPA, State, Districts & IPC

    - PPA affiliates structure - PPA, TPPA, DPPA, etc

    - Making your voice heard

    And any questions you might have. 

    *Even though this program is scheduled to benefit relatively new members, all members are welcome to attend. 


    Register Now

    • October 12, 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CDT)
    • Yet to be decided

    Jessica Drossin

    See It Like Nobody Else Can

    Jessica Drossin is a fine art portrait photographer with a powerful penchant for capturing compelling images in unstructured settings—on the fly with only what she has at hand, in natural light. She is a self-taught portraitist, obsessed with telling stories via images, and with teaching others how to look into a scene and see something different than everyone else sees. ‘Improv Photographer’ might be the most accurate title.


    Her work is published internationally in magazines, books and in the entertainment industry, including clients like Lucas Arts. Jessica even worked for video game companies like Universal Interactive, and Blizzard Entertainment. Wedding Nouveau and Practical Photography magazines have featured her work.

    Jessica Drossin has won several awards, including 2013 Emerging Professional Fine Art Photographer (from Digital Photo Pro Magazine). She documented a scoring session for the film, “Red Tails” in Prague an has created book cover art worldwide.


    Her go-to camera is her Canon 5DSR, and she creates tutorials, actions, presents, textures and overlays to help other photographers bring their creative visions to life.

    We begin at 7:00 p.m. CST

    • November 09, 2021
    • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CST)
    • Yet to be decided

    Tim Walden

    Tim Walden, M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr.CPP,F-ASP, is the creative mind behind Walden’s Photography in Lexington, Kentucky. Join Tim on this intense journey into capturing what is black and white in the lives of the Walden client through his portraiture and see how it is woven into every Walden black and white portrait. 

    He will discuss how to define a style with Purpose and Emotion, the TWO POWER ACCELERATORS. He will share how to effectively market your style to allow you to connect with the right clients and be seen as a true artist. Tim will show the Walden three-light system that forms the base lighting for his work and discuss RELATIONSHIP posing along with a few ideas to accomplish imagery that touches the hearts of the clients.

    Additionally, he will cover what he looks for in a great black and white portrait, how to fulfill your vision through post-production, the importance of the “print” in building family legacies, the importance of providing an amazing client experience, and a few sales principles that will grow your bottom line. If you desire to be excellent at black and white portraiture and are looking to add or advance your offerings with a true fine art black and white product line to separate you from everyone else, you do not want to miss this program!

    We begin at 7:00 p.m. CST

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