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    • 10 Apr 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Slate at ll Creeks, 2701 Custer Parkway #905 Richardson, TX 75080

    Terry Wier

    Pursuing Who You Were Designed To Be

    What was the event or experience that motivated you to begin photographing? The root of that passion is the key to survival and growth. Your vision is tied to the first photo experience where your inner self said “wow”. Reviving the passion is the key element to success in the future. To explore the concept of vision there are several steps we must look at.

    Your personal vision is the way you see what is there. It is not always the same as what you do for a living. Personal work is the engine that drives your growth and brings better work to you. How to define your vision is essential. We will look at steps to hone and develop your personal vision. This is what will truly set you apart from the competition.

    What does your heart, your inner-self say about life? This is the core of vision. Making beautiful pictures to make lots of money never lasts as a goal. Burn out or images without passion define the collective mediocre middle ground. There are many photographers in each market that fill the 80% of middle ground. Spending your money and time getting better software or equipment will only occupy you for a short while, but never fill the need to for a clear voice and vision. Spending your energy to emulate the standard in your specialty will never get you where you should be. A copy of a great is still always a copy. The world desires an original, not a copy. 

    In this time together we will explore ways to develop the foundation of your vision, to exercise it and refine it.


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    • 08 May 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Slate at ll Creeks, 2701 Custer Parkway #905 Richardson, TX 75080

    Maria Moore

    The Exclusive Senior Model Program

    In this program Maria Moore will share with you in depth information on how to build and maintain a successful senior model program by focusing on the “Senior Model Experience”. A look back into the beginnings, and how she has adjusted her program to overcome issues and adapt to the changing times becoming the biggest and most successful program in her area. There will be a detailed overview of the different aspects of the program, and an in depth description of her pricing and sales approach. She will also address briefly on the looks she offers her seniors, and explain how the classic portrait has become her signature style, which separates her from the masses of new shooters.



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    • 09 May 2018
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Camera Ready Studios 14203 Proton Rd. Dallas, TX 75244

    In this program Maria will take you by the hand on how she creates her signature Classic portraits. She will explain set building, lighting for the classic portrait and demonstrate how she directs the model through her signature “posing flow”, to ensure great variety of poses and frames in one session.

    The student will have an opportunity to shoot under Maria’s direction. At the end she will go over the images created and talk about how she sells the final art.

    Program schedule:

    • 9:00-12:00 Classic Portrait theory and “Flow posing” demonstration.
    • 12:00-1 lunch
    • 1:00-4:00 student guided shooting
    • 4:00-5:00 overview of images captures and closing.

    This is a PPA Continuing Education System class.

    • 12 Jun 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Slate at ll Creeks, 2701 Custer Parkway #905 Richardson, TX 75080

    Dwayne Lee

    Guerrilla Marketing for the Professional Photographer

    Marketing is a subject many of us struggle with. We don’t do it well, don’t do it at all, or don’t like doing it. After all, we’re “artists”.

    But, after all, we must do some form of marketing, otherwise, we won’t be in business very long. However, many forms of marketing can be quite expensive and we don’t have the money to do much of it.

    So, in an effort to think outside the box, I have compiled several strategies and ways you can market your business without breaking the bank. And several of these ways are actually quite fun!

    You will come away from this program energized and looking for ways you can market your business in your community.



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Past events

14 Mar 2018 Richard Sturdevant Workshop - Composite Print Finishing
13 Mar 2018 March Meeting: Richard Sturdevant - Understanding the Artist in You
25 Feb 2018 Mock Print Competition
13 Feb 2018 February Meeting: Luke Edmonson - Making A Complete Picture
09 Jan 2018 January Meeting: Tony Corbell - "Ten Ways to Use the Same Softbox"
12 Dec 2017 December Meeting: Year End Banquet And Awards With Special Guest David Trust, PPA CEO
07 Nov 2017 November Meeting: Larry Lourcey - So You Want To Be A Master Artist?
10 Oct 2017 October Meeting: Robyn Pope-Fear - No Fear Marketing: How to Carve Your Niche and Speak to Your Ideal Client
12 Sep 2017 September Meeting: Adilfa Ford - Running a Successful Home Studio Business
11 Aug 2017 Little Red Schoolhouse - "Master Your Posing"
11 Aug 2017 Little Red Schoolhouse - Friday only
12 Jul 2017 Cris & Deanna Duncan-Using light and design for impactful portraits
11 Jul 2017 July Meeting: Cris & Deanna Duncan - Lighting For Sales
17 Jun 2017 Mentorship Programs: PG - Outdoor Photography: Off-camera flash 101
13 Jun 2017 June Meeting: Print Competition
09 May 2017 May Meeting: Bill Freeman - Volume Senior Portraits and Headshot Workflow
06 May 2017 Mentorship Programs: PG - Exploring Alien Skin Exposure Software
18 Apr 2017 April Meeting: Randy Pollard On The Edge Photography
14 Mar 2017 March Meeting: Gail Nogle - The Art and Soul of Gail Nogle
21 Feb 2017 February Meeting: Print Competition
17 Jan 2017 January Meeting: Robin Janson - Introduction to Volume Photography
13 Dec 2016 December Meeting: 2016 Holiday Party & Surprise Speaker
16 Nov 2016 Craig Stidham - Fashion Seniors Day Program
15 Nov 2016 November Meeting: Craig Stidham - Fashion Seniors
12 Nov 2016 Morning in McKinney - Photowalk
11 Nov 2016 Lights Festival
11 Oct 2016 October Meeting: Laurie Rubin - The Art of Wildlife and Drone Photography
13 Sep 2016 September Meeting: Leslie Hoyt - Relationship Portraiture
10 Aug 2016 Barbara Breitsameter - Dog Photography Workshop
09 Aug 2016 August Meeting: Barbara Breitsameter: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone!
29 Jul 2016 Little Red Schoolhouse - Mastering the Masters
14 Jun 2016 June Meeting: Meghan Garner and Ashley Diamond Siegert - The Buddy System
10 May 2016 May Meeting: Elizabeth Homan - Portrait Studio…Refined!
10 May 2016 Elizabeth Homan - The Portrait Studio…Refined - Day Program
19 Apr 2016 April Meeting: Brad Barton - Be Noticed SEO and Social Media Strategies for Photographers
15 Mar 2016 March Meeting: Gabriel Ignacio Alonso - “That was then, this is Now”
10 Feb 2016 Russ Harrington - Workshop 700 Album Covers of Lighting
09 Feb 2016 February Meeting: Russ Harrington - Beyond the Speed Light
08 Feb 2016 CPP Lighthouse
19 Jan 2016 January Meeting: Bree Adams - Reborn
08 Dec 2015 December Meeting: 2015 Holiday Party DFW Photo Expo Giveaway!
08 Dec 2015 December Meeting: 2015 Holiday Party
10 Nov 2015 November Meeting: Carl Youngberg - Make Yourself Matter
14 Oct 2015 Sandra Pearce 2 Day Workshop - Painting with Photoshop
13 Oct 2015 October Meeting: Sandra Pearce The Art of Painting with Photoshop
14 Sep 2015 CPP Lighthouse
08 Sep 2015 September Meeting: Kimberly Smith
07 Aug 2015 Little Red School House of Rock!
14 Jul 2015 July Meeting: Landon Day - Making Extra Income
09 Jun 2015 June Meeting: Francie Baltazar Stonestreet - Capturing Images With Emotion
17 May 2015 Mock Print Competition
12 May 2015 May Meeting: David Edmonson-Modern Day Renaissance
14 Apr 2015 April Meeting: Royce Bair Nightscapes: Starry Night Photography
10 Mar 2015 March Meeting: Ryan Schembri & Rocco Ancora
10 Mar 2015 Ryan & Rocco - Master Caliber Wedding & Portrait Photography
17 Feb 2015 February Meeting: Alicia Adamopoulos
17 Feb 2015 Alicia Adamopoulos Creation Process
20 Jan 2015 January Meeting: Susan Michal - Dance Your Way to Profits
20 Jan 2015 Susan Michal's Afternoon Dance Program
09 Dec 2014 December Meeting: 2014 Holiday Party
11 Nov 2014 November Meeting: Mandy Lynn Lundy - The Art of Story-Telling Images
14 Oct 2014 October Meeting: Griff Smith - "Messin' with Texas"
28 Sep 2014 Mock Print Competition
16 Sep 2014 DPPA Wild Ideas: Real Framing
09 Sep 2014 September Meeting: Terry Wier - Learning to See Creatively
08 Aug 2014 Great Gatsby Style - Little Red School House 2014
06 Aug 2014 2014 Raffle Tickets for LRSH
08 Jul 2014 July Meeting: Joe Glyda - BYOB Beyond Your own Brain
10 Jun 2014 June Meeting: Dominique Harmon and Barry Nelson
13 May 2014 May Meeting: David Leeson-Beyond The Pixels
09 May 2014 DPPA Wild Ideas: Marketing
08 Apr 2014 April Meeting: Jeremy Woodhouse - Faces And Places
13 Mar 2014 2014 Southwest PPA Regional Convention
11 Mar 2014 March Meeting: Melanie Hall - Off Camera Flash My Way
11 Feb 2014 February Meeting: Live Print Competition
07 Feb 2014 DPPA Wild Ideas: Marketing
21 Jan 2014 January Meeting: Increase Your Sales With The Addition Of A Fine Art Line with Maria Bernal
03 Jan 2014 DPPA Wild Ideas: Social Media
13 Dec 2013 DPPA Wild Ideas: Copyright
10 Dec 2013 DPPA December10 Awards with keynote speaker, Larry Lourcey The Journey "Change the way you photograph in 2014 - and change your world"
12 Nov 2013 November Meeting: The Quest for Soulful Photography and the Artful Life with Richard Israel
19 Oct 2013 TPPA Fall Focus Workshop: Hybrid Photograph and Photoshop
08 Oct 2013 October DPPA Meeting: Print Lab Round Table
20 Sep 2013 DPPA Wild Ideas: SEO Magic SOLD OUT
10 Sep 2013 September DPPA Meeting:10 tips to thriving in an ever changing market
30 Aug 2013 Dallas PPA Marketing Roundtable
25 Aug 2013 Mock Print Competition
09 Aug 2013 Pin-ups, Planes and Classy Dames - Little Red School House 2013
09 Aug 2013 Raffle Tickets for LRSH
09 Aug 2013 Models for Hire LRSH 2013
09 Aug 2013 LRSH Vendor Registeration
12 Jul 2013 July Meeting: Selling Big Ass Albums Presented by Jerry Ghionis
30 Jun 2013 Texas PPA Summer Round Up
21 Jun 2013 CPP Study Group
11 Jun 2013 June DPPA Moving images: Light with a purpose with Hiram Trillo
14 May 2013 Compose Creatively, Create Instinctively, and Execute Flawlessly with Roberto Valenzuela
28 Apr 2013 Texas School
20 Apr 2013 Outdoor Portrait Photography Simplified With Marion Hughes
09 Apr 2013 April DPPA Speaker Francie Baltazar-Stonestreet - The Secrets to Earning Your CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) Designation
09 Apr 2013 Day Class for CPP with Francie Baltazar Stonestreet
15 Mar 2013 Texas PPA Conference & Trade Show
05 Mar 2013 March: Ken Sklute
25 Feb 2013 Reality Studio Tour with Kevin and Dixi Jordan
20 Feb 2013 Sales & Pricing Workshop with Sandy Puc
12 Feb 2013 SOLD OUT! February: Cris Duncan - The Art and Science of Light
02 Feb 2013 Light Room 4 Workshop
08 Jan 2013 January: Scott Robert Lim _ Crazy, Stupid, Light
08 Jan 2013 Little Red School House Volunteer Meeting
11 Dec 2012 December Awards Dec. 11
01 Dec 2012 Arlington Camera DFW Photo Expo
13 Nov 2012 November- Luke Edmonson
09 Oct 2012 Creative Lighting- Lighting On The Run with Michael Greenberg
26 Sep 2012 2012 Southwest PPA Regional Convention
11 Sep 2012 September - How to Achieve Big-Studio Success in Your Home-Based Business With Emily Potts
26 Aug 2012 Mock Print Competion
24 Aug 2012 2012 PP of Oklahoma Convention "Photography Rocks"
12 Aug 2012 Raffle Tickets to be drawn at Little Red Schoolhouse (LRSH)
11 Aug 2012 Little Red Schoolhouse (LRSH)
30 Jul 2012 2011 PPLA State Convention
25 Jul 2012 Creative Design Tour
10 Jul 2012 July DPPA Meeting
24 Jun 2012 Texas PPA Summer Roundup
13 Jun 2012 S&S Photography Workshop
12 Jun 2012 June DPPA Meeting
09 Jun 2012 Lightroom- Get Organized Fundamentals
21 May 2012 Make Money Now Workshop
21 May 2012 Sandy Puc Presents 2012 Digital Workflow Tour with Jack Davis
08 May 2012 May DPPA Meeting
29 Apr 2012 Texas School of Professional Photography 2012
10 Apr 2012 April DPPA Meeting
31 Mar 2012 New Mexico PPA Annual Convention
30 Mar 2012 PP of Oklahoma Spring Seminar
19 Mar 2012 Seminar: The Senior Project by Sal Cinotta
13 Mar 2012 March DPPA Meeting
12 Mar 2012 Business Breakthoughs Workshop-PPA's Studio Management Services
27 Feb 2012 AfterDark
07 Feb 2012 February DPPA Meeting
28 Jan 2012 Rocky Mountain School of Photography Photo Weekend
13 Jan 2012 Imaging USA
10 Jan 2012 January DPPA Meeting

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