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How to enter DPPA Image Competition?

1. First step is to read the rules here

2. Take a look at the DPPA Image Competition schedule here

3. To enter DPPA image competition, you must be an approved DPPA Full or a Life member.

4. Dallas PPA Image Competition is run from system. If you are not a member of yet, register to become a member. 

    There are two membership levels. You can enter and watch live competition with 'Standard' membership. Premium membership provides more options. Click here   

    to learn the differences between the two membership levels. 

5. After the entries are open for a DPPA monthly Image Competition, go to website. Log into your account.

6. Select Dallas PPA after logging in.  

7. Make sure to check the boxes for 'Member' and/or 'First year entrant' (as applicable). And then click on 'Create New Image Entry'.

8. Select appropriate category. (Refer to the Rules for image size specifications, number of entries etc)

9. When in doubt, reach out to Director of Skills. You can email to

How to watch DPPA Image Competition?

On the day of the competition, do the following: 

1. Go to Game Day App page on website. 

2. Select DPPA (TX) from the dropdown menu. Click on 'Go' button. 

3. On the top, click on the 'Audio' tab, and click on the green link. (will say either 'Live Audio' or 'Judges Audio'. This will open a zoom link. 

4. Go back to the website and click on 'Panel 1' tab, to watch the images being judged. 

Competition results are announced at our monthly meetings and later posted on the website here.  

Judges audio (the commentary) from the competition is updated on website, generally within two-weeks. 

Best of luck with your Image Competition journey!!


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