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Tim Walden Workshop - Diving Deeper Into Images That Speak

  • November 10, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Slate at ll Creeks, 2701 Custer Parkway #905 Richardson, TX 75080


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Diving Deeper Into Images That Speak

Images that Speak

Tim brings priceless knowledge to the table when it comes to running a successful, upscale portrait studio. With fresh, innovative ideas, mingled with passion and emotion, Tim remains a driving force in this industry and an inspiration to those who follow him.

Defining your style and establishing your brand.

Here Tim will discuss style and branding and how he and Bev, his wife, built one of the best known brands in the U.S. known as “Relationship” portraiture. Learn how to create “gaps” between you and the masses by offering unique work and upscale services.We will look at the Enemies of Creativity, how to overcome them and then give you wording you can use with your clients to get everyone on the same page. Finally, he shares how to incorporate emotion into imagery to elevate its impact and tell people’s stories as he discusses our tag line,“Images that Speak."

Dynamic lighting, posing and sets.

Roll up your selves here as Tim delves into the the details of creating great portraiture. He will discuss studio lighting using the Walden 3-light system that is beautiful and used daily in the studio and it will set you apart. In this program,Tim will also show his “Relationship Posing Templates”, foundational guides that are easy to re- create with a few simple props.

Between the capture & final print.

Can a portrait be considered “fine art?” Can it demand the same money as a fine art piece?

Tim’s message, in this over-saturated market, is all about being a “Print Artist” in a digital world. He will discuss how this can drive a new respect for the print and its value along with how he captures, processes and finesses the imagery for dynamic prints that pull out every detail and how this message fits perfectly with using a high quality lab to complete the process.This segment will include a discussion on how he creates the iconic black and white fine art portraits that the Waldens are known for.

Marketing principles that work.

Learn cornerstone marketing philosophies that will build desire for your imagery, drive business your way and, more importantly, create buzz. He will discuss several key areas for lasting success including creating a grand experience, being unique, telling stories (both yours and your clients’) and the importance of building lasting client relationships.

Sales Savvy

Why do we work so hard and then drop the ball in the sales room? Here he will discuss avoiding the sales killers; frustration, fatigue and confusion by taking the lead and creating a plan for every sale we call Suggestions. Learn how to keep emotion in the sales room and build products that answer objections.You need one goal and one goal only in every sale and it is simple,“BE AT POTENTIAL!”

This is a PPA Continuing Education System class.

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