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Byrd Moore Williams IV is a fourth-generation photographer who grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. He will share his journey to becoming an artist over many decades of photography. He is a published writer and college professor, and he now has work in museums and institutions around the world.

Byrd was born into the photography business. His dad said, "Your name is Byrd IV, here's a camera, now get to work." He did, and a collection of work he created at age 10 now hangs in the photographic collections of the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

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    June 9, 2020
    Due to COVID-19 the June Meeting will be Online


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          ·   Ella Carlson – July 

          ·    Little Red Schoolhouse – August 

          ·    Melanie Anderson – September 

          ·    Gary Hughes – November  

        ·       James Conway – January 

        ·        Judy Reinford February +W

         ·       Michael Novo – March 

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         ·       Tim Walden – May  +W

         ·       Byrd Williams – June 

         ·       Ella Carlson – July  +W

         ·       Little Red Schoolhouse – August 

         ·       Melanie Anderson – September  +W

         ·       Brooke Kasper – October 

         ·       Gary Hughes – November   +W

         ·       Holiday Banquet – December 

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