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“Magical & storytelling portraits for children”

Dani Miller is the owner of sugar hill photography & design. She started this wonderful journey over 10 years ago. She have 4 beautiful daughters, all with wonderful personalities that you may see through photographs that she take of her babies. This made her think about her photography and how each beautiful soul she photograph are different from the next. 

Dani Miller will show you simple yet powerful posing and styling techniques to make the simplest setup for children’s portraits become an heirloom wall portrait for the family to cherish forever. She will discuss how she creates simple lighting to create dramatic and soulful images. Listen and learn about how to pose children naturally instead of the most common “smile for the camera” portrait. Dani will also discuss how she works with each client to prepare for a heirloom design with mood concept, styling, and inexpensive props that are unique and custom for each session. With this class you will walk away with new ideas, inspiration, excitement and most of all the ability to create without breaking the bank and presenting clients with amazing works of art that will last through the years of  “photography fads” and still be on the walls of the clients to love. 

Due to COVID-19, the May meeting will be online.

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