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Every professional athlete benefits from training camp, and that is what we plan to bring to LRSH 2020. Building on the principles that we have previously shared at monthly meetings (and will refresh you on, of course!), we want to help push you on to the next creative plateau. What does it take to make a "Complete Picture"? What are the three elements you can use to create Impact in your pictures? What about building in visual rewards for your audience to encourage them to look further into your photos? What should you be mindful of when working with a model?

If there ever was a time to bring your camera to LRSH, this is it! You will be shooting individually and as a member of a team starting from Day 1 with David and Luke assisting you. Then, we will take the time to review your work so we can all learn and grow together. With an emphasis on in-camera artistry, there is no failing here … just falling forward together towards growth.

David and Luke will introduce or review a concept, and then you will dive right into practice. Everything will be done with purposeful pacing so you can learn to build rhythm and speed. Teach, practice, review. As we develop the ideas over two fun-filled days, you will walk away with plenty of "aha" moments. This workshop is about more than techniques. It is about going beyond formulas and tricks to make your photography even more powerful and effective.

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October 8 & 9 



Slate at ll Creeks

2701 Custer Parkway #905

Richardson, TX 75080


      ·   Judy Reinford – February 

      ·   Tim Walden – May (Canceled due to COVID-19)

      ·    Ella Carlson – July  

      ·   Tim Meyer – September 

      ·   Little Red Schoolhouse – October 8 & 9 

      ·    Gary Hughes – November  

    ·       James Conway – January 

    ·        Judy Reinford  February +W

     ·        Michael Novo – March  

     ·        MandyCorbell – April  

     ·        Tim Walden – May

     ·         Byrd Williams – June 

     ··       Ella Carlson – July  +W

     ·       Tim Meyer – September  +W

     ·        Little Red Schoolhouse – October 8 & 9 

     ·       Gary Hughes – November   +W

     ·       Holiday Banquet – December 

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