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Online November Meeting - Tim Walden

  • November 09, 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Online - Zoom


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Tim Walden

Images that Speak

Tim brings priceless knowledge to the table when it comes to running a successful, upscale portrait studio. With fresh, innovative ideas, mingled with passion and emotion, Tim remains a driving force in this industry and an inspiration to those who follow him.

Tim Walden, M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr.CPP,F-ASP, is the creative mind behind Walden’s Photography in Lexington, Kentucky. Join Tim on this intense journey into capturing what is black and white in the lives of the Walden client through his portraiture and see how it is woven into every Walden black and white portrait. 

He will discuss how to define a style with Purpose and Emotion, the TWO POWER ACCELERATORS. He will share how to effectively market your style to allow you to connect with the right clients and be seen as a true artist. Tim will show the Walden three-light system that forms the base lighting for his work and discuss RELATIONSHIP posing along with a few ideas to accomplish imagery that touches the hearts of the clients.

Additionally, he will cover what he looks for in a great black and white portrait, how to fulfill your vision through post-production, the importance of the “print” in building family legacies, the importance of providing an amazing client experience, and a few sales principles that will grow your bottom line. If you desire to be excellent at black and white portraiture and are looking to add or advance your offerings with a true fine art black and white product line to separate you from everyone else, you do not want to miss this program!

We begin at 7:00 p.m. CST

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