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DPPA offers membership in the

following categories:

Active Members are photographers, studio owner or studio manager engaged in photography for 2 years or more years. Must earn income from photography. Must have a Texas State Tax Permit. Must have website that serves as portfolio. Active Member privileges include they may vote on guild business. Hold office. Serve on committees. May represent the guild at both state and national levels. May enter  print competition. Listed on Dallas PPA website in the Members Directory.

There is an Active Associate membership level open to non-photographer spouse or non-photographer associate of a studio of an active DPPA member. Active Associates may serve on committees.

The Active Board Member membership requirements are the same as active members but must be approved board members.

An Aspiring member shall be an individual with less than two years’ experience in professional photography and/or who earns limited income from the practice of professional photography. Aspiring members shall be reviewed periodically by the Board to determine their eligibility for a classification upgrade to “Active” member status. Aspiring members may not vote or hold office, but may enter print competition and serve on committees.

Aspiring Student Membership is open to full time students preparing for a career in photography or graphics arts, currently attending a college or approved vocational or technical school. Students applying must submit a copy of their school ID and registration, the name of the instructor and course title.

Students may attend meetings/other events at reduced member rate and may enter print competition for input, but not awards - neither monthly nor yearly. Students are not permitted to vote at meetings, but enjoy the privileges of Aspiring Members. Email info@dallasppa.com all required information.

Aspiring members receive newsletters and emails, but are not listed on the Dallas PPA website.

A Signature or Sustaining Partner (vendor) member can be a manufacturer or supplier of photography products or services. Representatives for manufacturers and suppliers are welcome to join as well.

Unfortunately, vendors that promote services that directly complete with PPA/TPPA/DPPA-affiliated events (i.e. workshops, seminars, etc.) will not be approved.

As a Signature or Sustaining Partner (vendor) member, you may serve on committees, and you will be listed on the Dallas PPA website.


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