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Acclaimed, award-winning photographer Joe McNally is known worldwide as the “quintessential pro’s pro”; an extremely versatile, deeply experienced assignment photographer whose jobs have brought him to over 70 countries and counting. 

Joe is often described as: authentic, empathetic and articulate, an exceptionally skilled technical photographer who pairs extraordinary camera know-how with a vivid imagination and an ongoing, vibrant creativity. Always curious, always adapting to the conditions at hand and the relentless advances in camera technology, he has photographed FIVE cover stories for the National Geographic (amongst an overall FIFTEEN coverages), and SEVEN covers of LIFE magazine.  He photographed the very first all-digital coverage for National Geographic, which was considered such a significant, watershed moment in the history of that venerable publication that the entire coverage has been incorporated into the archives of the U.S Library of Congress.

In addition to inspiring editorial work, Joe has covered FOUR Olympics (with number FIVE looming in Paris in 2024) for such diverse clients as ABC Television, Sports Illustrated and TIME magazine.  

Joe is known for his penchant to get his camera in “a different place” and has twice climbed the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, in addition to climbing the Empire State Building four times. He is that rare photographer who has successfully made the bridge between the commercial world and the editorial world, and is highly regarded by clients for his versatility, and willingness to be a team player.

As a sought-after educator, Joe has been a guest lecturer at some of the top photography schools, such as the International Center for Photography and the Art Institute of Chicago. He is also a contributing editor for National Geographic, and has written several books on photography. Joe has inspired many photographers to explore the possibilities of photography and to push the boundaries of their own creative capabilities.

Joe McNally, a proud Nikon Ambassador, has an extraordinary ability to photograph simple assignments with intimacy and grace, as well as master movie-scale productions with large crews, tremendous pressure and countless moving parts.

Join us at DPS and learn from the legend of our industry. 



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