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Master of Photography

David Alley, Jule Bovis, Margaret Bryant, Tina Caron, Don Chamblee, Harini Chokshi, Amber Damour, David Edmonson, Luke Edmonson, Daniel Fermaint, Chris Fritchie, Phaneedra Gudapati, Heather Harvey, Elena Hernandez, Jim Herndon, Shawna Hinkel, Edward Holmberg, Lucy Huffstetter, Rob Hull, Penny Jackson, Malinda Julien, Debra Klawetter, Larry Lourcey, Jennifer McGraw, Pam McGraw, John Murray, Gail Nogle, Jackie Pendleton, Denise Remfert, Kenneth Richard, Jeremy Ridout, JB Sallee, Anne-Marie Shumate, Stephen Shore, Chris Smith, Richard Sturdevant, Dorma Tabisz, Susan Thweatt, Christian Waits, Jean Wall, Fujiko Yamamoto 

Photographic Craftsman

Ron Barbosa, Margaret Bryant, David Edmonson, Luke Edmonson, Daniel Fermaint, Chris Fritchie, Phaneedra Gudapati, Elena Hernandez, Rob Hull, Larry Lourcey, Mat Mathew, Kristina McCaleb, Jennifer McGraw, Pam McGraw, Courtney Mitchell, John Murray, Gail Nogle, Jeremy Ridout, JB Sallee, Chris Smith, Richard Sturdevant, Robin Thompson, Melissa Vaughan, Bill Vahrenkamp, Christian Waits

Master Artist

Chris Fritchie, Larry Lourcey, Richard Sturdevant, Chris Smith, Denise Remfert

PPA Certified (CPP)

Tracy Allard, David Alley, Lee Ann Baker, Arpitha Bangalore Gopianand, Ron Barbosa, Catherine Barras, Patty Blome, Phil Bruce, Margaret Bryant, Betty Bunger, Mark Burdette, Chris Caho, Tina Caron, Don Chamblee, Don Champlin, Harini Chokshi, Stevie Clements, Rebekah Crawley, Gene Duprey, Luke Edmonson,  Daniel Fermaint, Jennifer Fermaint, Rick Fogerty, Phaneendra Gudapati, John (Jack) Hess, Shawna Hinkel, Hannah Hix, Daniel Hodac, Lucy Huffstetter, Rob Hull, Cindy Hunt, Penny Jackson, Brooke Kasper, Jack Kemp, Paige Killian, Debra Klawetter, Chrystal LeGrand, Larry Lourcey, Kristina McCaleb, Pam McGraw, Courtney Mitchell, Tammy Novak, Guy T. Phillips, Kenneth Richard, John Roberts, Jeanne Shelton, Anne-Marie Shumate, Robin Thompson, Trent Tidmore, Bill Vahrenkamp, Tanya Vahrenkamp, Melissa Vaughan, Novia Vincze, Derrick Waiters,  Jean Wall, Fujiko Yamamoto


Gail Nogle - Fellow

Margaret Bryant - Educational Associate

Texas PPA Full Fellowship

Margaret Bryant, Shawna Hinkel, Don Dickson, Steve Kozak

Texas PPA Associate Fellowship

Ron Barbosa, Don L. Barnes, Margaret Bryant, Daniel Fermaint, Shawna Hinkel, Marla Horn, Rob Hull, Larry Lourcey, Mat Mathews, Jennifer McGraw, 

Dallas PPA President's Fellowship

Bree Adams, Charles Ames, Kathy Ames, Ronald Barbosa, Rebecca Blacker, JT Blenker, Betty Bunger, Tina Caron, Don Chamblee, Don Champlin, Harini Chokshi, Betty Dollar, Herb Dollar, David Edmonson, Luke Edmonson, Dan Ferguson, Daniel Fermaint, Jennifer Fermaint, Marc Friedland, Phaneendra Gudapati, Elena Hernandez, Shawna Hinkel, Lucy Huffstetter, Rob Hull, Brooke Kasper, Rolf Kasper, Debra Klawetter, Pam McGraw, Angela Navarette, Gail Nogle, Kelly Olivare, Denise Remfert, DeEtte Sallee, JB Sallee, Stephen Shore, Francie Baltazar Stonestreet, Robin Thompson, Bill Vahrenkamp, Hoang Vu, Jean Wall, Fujiko Yamamoto, Yosef Yetimgeta

Dallas PPA President's Fellowship Plus 

Charles Ames, Ron Barbosa, JT Blenker, David Edmonson, Luke Edmonson, Elena Hernandez, Shawna Hinkel, Lucy Huffstetter, Rob Hull, Brooke Kasper, Rolf Kasper, Debra Klawetter, Larry Lourcey, Pam McGraw, Gail Nogle, JB Sallee, Fujiko Yamamoto 

Degree Explanations

PPA Certified (CPP)

Awarded by Professional Photographers of America. Achieved through a combination of testing and minimum photographic qualification. This is the first step towards a degree.


Photographic Craftsman Degree awarded by Professional Photographers of America. Achieved through teaching other photographers. If held in conjunction with the Master's Degree, it is listed as M.Photog.Cr.


Master of Photography Degree awarded by Professional Photographers of America. Achieved through excellence in photographic competitions and education. This is the highest earned degree awarded by Professional Photographers of America.


Approved Photographic Imaging Instructor. Designation by Professional Photographers of America that the holder has undertaken instructor training from PPA. Not a degree, but a certification designation.


Fellowship recipient member of the American Society of Photographers. It is the highest honor bestowed to any ASP member.

Educational Associate - ASP

The ASP Educational Associate is conferred on those special individuals who actively participate and promote the ideals and philosophies of the organization beyond the initial recognition given with their acceptance into the Society.

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