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  • 09 Jul 2016 1:52 PM | Angela Navarette

    TPPA's Summerfest was a hit and we are so proud of each and every DPPA member who competed. We saw some amazing images, and our guild made such a great showing. So many of our member’s cases went 4 for 4 and a few of our members even earned Top 10 in Texas! We celebrate each and every one you that entered to enjoy the experience of growing your skills and learning.

    Up next in August is the International Photographic Competition hosted by PPA. This is final stop for all the year’s hard work in print competition and where we earn the actual merits that count towards PPA degrees. DPPA is ready to celebrate new Masters, Master Artists, and Craftsman. Good luck everyone.

    Finally, just around the corner is the Dallas PPA Little Red School House, July 29th, 2016 with David & Luke Edmonson and Maria Bernal. It’s going to be an exciting event!

    Enjoy the rest of the summer and we will see you at the next general meeting in August!

  • 29 May 2016 3:39 PM | Angela Navarette

    We are midway through 2016 can you believe it?  

    We began the year with a bang in January by welcoming our past presidents and have hosted so many wonderful speakers and workshops this year. From January to May we enjoyed presentations from Bree Adams, Larry Lourcey, Russ Harrington, Gabriel Alonso, Brad Barton, and Elizabeth Homan. We have received knowledge for all aspects of photography such as managing our business, marketing, building studios, lighting, creating art, and entering print competition.

    Dallas PPA is still growing. The Dallas PPA is currently made up of well over 200 members and we value and cherish every one of you. It's very exciting when we receive a new member into our family. We hope that we continue to foster an environment where you can connect with each other to network and learn. Connect Inspire Grow isn't just a tag line it's #truth.

    Please don't hesitate to walk around the room to meet new people and welcome new members, and we will do our best to continue to bring you workshops that move you forward inspiring you to reach your goals.

    June's meeting bring us Meghan Garner and Ashley Diamond Siegert, where we can gain some insight into growing our businesses by teaming up! See you soon!
  • 22 Dec 2015 12:28 PM | Rolf Kasper (Administrator)

    The 2015 Board members at the 2015 Year End Awards.  Great work, lots of fun and a memorable time.

  • 22 Dec 2015 12:04 PM | Rolf Kasper (Administrator)

    Photographer of the Year

    Yosef Yetimgeta

    First Year Print Competition Entry

    David Alley


    1st Place:   David Edmonson

    2nd Place: Brooke Kasper


    First Place:  Debra Klawetter

    First Place:  Ian Miller

    Second Place:  Susan Thweatt


    First Place: Yosef Yetimgeta

    Second Place:  JB Sallee

    Wedding Album

    First Place:  Hoang Vu


    First Place:  Debra Klawetter


    First Place:  Shawna Hinkel

    Second Place:  Joanna Kitch

    Second Place:  Lucy Huffstetter

  • 19 Oct 2015 9:34 AM | Rolf Kasper (Administrator)
    Saturday, November 21st, Dallas PPA will have the privilege of providing the first family portraits for families adopting foster children on the National Adoption Day. This is the 15th year the Dallas Guild has been involved in NAD at the invitation of Dallas CASA. Some of our members compose and photograph families, while others burn a CD for them to take with them.

    We meet between 7:00 and 7:30 am to set up lights & backdrops, and are ready to shoot by 8:00 am. We are finished about 11:00 am.  In the past several years, we have photographed 50-55 families who are adopting 60-65 children.

    If you need additional information, or would like to volunteer, please contact Becky Martinez at 214/683-2234 or beckywmartinez@sbcglobal.net.

    The event is held at the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Court, 2500 Lone Star, Dallas, TX 75212, and NAD is often referred to as the only happy day seen in the courthouse.

  • 02 Oct 2015 11:52 AM | Rolf Kasper (Administrator)

    Larry, his wife Heather and Luke.  Larry has devoted years to DPPA serving in 7 postions including DPPA President.  

  • 13 Sep 2015 11:14 AM | Rolf Kasper (Administrator)

  • 13 Sep 2015 11:11 AM | Rolf Kasper (Administrator)

  • 29 Aug 2015 8:54 AM | Rolf Kasper (Administrator)

     With it's fun Rock-n-Roll theme, this year's Little Red Schoolhouse experience drew almost 50 photographers to Oklahoma from August 7-9.  We gathered like groupies at the luxurious new Spa Tower and Convention Center at Choctaw Resort in Durant to learn from five of our industry's leaders in their field of expertise.


    To begin the weekend, Arlington Camera hosted our meet and greet time on Friday evening, treating us to wonderful hor d'oeuvres and a laid-back time to get to know one another better.  Participants received swag bags which included gifts from our generous sustaining members/partners. 


    Saturday morning began with breakfast hosted by Tony Corbell Photographic Workshops.  Richard Sturdevant kicked off the education by pulling back the curtain on how he creates his show stopping composite posters, giving us business ideas along the way.  In addition to Photoshop wizardry, Richard encouraged us to press on to continually improve, producing high-quality, creative images consistently for our clients. 


    Then, Mike Corrado, Manager of Nikon Professional Services- Pro Relations and Product Marketing and choice photographer of hundreds of musicians, gave us an true insider's view of the world of concert photography.  After wowing us with his jaw dropping portfolio, Mike spoke about how he gets a wide variety of great band images in a very short time.  He gave us tips about dealing with the demands of event photography and the etiquette it requires.  In particular, Mike shared one of his own personal projects, "Drummer Love," based on his desire to photograph drummers as they are rarely seen:  up close, personal, and in action!  His sensible yet creative methods could be translated into any type of event photography.


    In the afternoon, commercial photographer Joe Glyda spoke about the particular demands of commercial photography and how to meet them.  He discussed working with art directors, understanding the unique requirements of the each application, and coming up with a concept to meet the need.  Joe did a live demonstration, photographing musical instruments and explaining his lighting techniques specific to the subject he is photographing and the needs of the publication. 


    Our own Larry Lourcey challenged us on the topic of personal projects, his "Off the Record" project, neatly fitting into the theme of the weekend.  He spoke about finding something that one is passionate about and simply enjoys creating, but also about setting goals and deadlines to give oneself parameters in which to complete the project.  Larry walked us through both his thought process and his actual process in the recreation of famous album covers, which hung last year in a local gallery.  He also shared examples from his "40 at 40" project, a series of 40 out-of-the-box self-portraits created when he turned the same age. 


    Saturday night brought an unscripted surprise….. The hotel staff had enjoyed working with our group so much so, that when they discovered two empty box suites for the Three Dog Night concert, they spontaneously invited us to attend.  Of course, this fit our theme in a most serendipitous way!  Perhaps even better was the opportunity to hear our own Tony Corbell and Gabriel Alonso jam to Beatles tunes afterwards. 


    Sunday morning's breakfast was graciously hosted by Pounds Lab, followed by classical portrait photographer Gabriel Alonso demonstrating lighting and posing with the band members of Denton's Highway 31.  Gabriel's connection with the band members was something that any portrait photographer could learn from.  His ability to get them to feel comfortable in front of the camera, both before and as he was lighting and posting them, was appreciated by all!   Attendees walked away with a better understanding of how to elicit what they want while flatteringly photographing their subjects in a storytelling way.


    The weekend was capped off by a private concert by North Texas' very talented Highway 31 in our ballroom.  Sigma allowed attendees to borrow lenses as they applied the skills learned from Mike.  "Little Red Schoolhouse - of Rock!" was a great weekend of fun, connection, and learning for DPPA!  Our thanks to Tony Corbell and Rob Hull, who put together such a great experience for us! 

  • 14 Aug 2015 4:11 PM | Rolf Kasper (Administrator)

    2015 IPC Statistics

    1235    Total IPC Entrants       
    5190    Total IPC Entries       
    1921    G - General Collection (1 Merit) 37.01% of entries went General
    1085    L - Loan Collection (2 Merits) 20.91% of entries Loaned
    182     GB - Showcase Book (1 Merit) 3.51% of entries went to Showcase Book
    3188    Merited 61.43% of all entries merited

    2015 DPPA IPC Stats           
    214  DPPA Total Members       
    31    DPPA Entrants  2.51% of total IPC entrants
    137  DPPA Entries  2.64% of total IPC entries
    56    DPPA General Collection  2.92% of total General collection
    47    DPPA Loan Collection  4.33% of total Loans
    4      DPPA Showcase Book  2.20% of total Showcase Book
    18    DPPA went 4/4  58.06% of DPPA Entrants 4/4
    6      DPPA went 3/4 
    5      DPPA went 2/4 
    2      DPPA went 1/4 

    DPPA Results

    Jennifer Fermaint: DIAMOND!!!
    Richard Sturdevant: DOUBLE DIAMOND!!!

    4/4 CASES:
    Richard Sturdevant - DOUBLE DIAMOND
    Jennifer Fermaint - DIAMOND
    Jean Oldham Wall - PLATINUM
    Phaneedra Gud - PLATINUM
    Bree Adams - GOLD
    Debra Klawetter - GOLD
    JB Sallee - GOLD
    Margaret Bryant - GOLD
    Yosef Yetimgeta - GOLD
    Brooke Kasper - SILVER
    Don Chamblee - SILVER
    Francie Baltazar Stonestreet - SILVER
    Gail Nogle - SILVER
    Larry Lourcey - SILVER (MA)
    Susan Thweatt - SILVER
    Dan Ferguson - BRONZE
    David Quisenberry - BRONZE
    Tony Corbell - BRONZE

    3/4 CASE:
    Aimee Woolverton 3/4
    Angela Navarette 3/4
    John Murray 3/4
    Lucy Huffstetter 3/4
    Penny Clark 3/4
    Stephen Shore 3/4

    2/4 CASE:
    Chris Caho 2/4
    Kathy Ames 2/4
    Rob Hull 2/4
    Scott Wilkes 2/4
    Shawna Hinkel 2/4

    1/4 CASE:
    Charles Ames 1/4
    Cherly Mobley 1/4

    Aimee Stephens Woolverton - 2
    Angela Navarette - 2
    Bree Adams - 2
    Brooke Kasper - 1
    Debra Barkhurst Klawetter - 2
    Don Chamblee - 1 & 1 Showcase
    Francie Baltazar Stonestreet - 1 & 1 Showcase
    Gail Nogle - 1
    Gail Nogle - 1 Loan - 1 Showcase
    JB Sallee - 2
    Jean Oldham Wall - 3
    Jennifer Fermaint - 4
    John Murray -3
    Margaret Bryant - 2
    Phaneendra Gud - 3
    Richard Sturdevant - 4
    Rob Hull - 1
    Scott Wilkes - 1 Loan
    Stephen Shore - 2
    Susan Thweatt - 1
    Yosef Yetimgeta - 2

    Richard Sturdevant - 4 Loans
    Larry Lourcey - 4/4 and 1 loan
    JB Sallee - 1 Loan - 1 Showcase
    Bree Adams - 1 Loan
    Phaneedra Gud - 1 Merit

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