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2017 President's Message - Rob Hull

It was a Kodak Instamatic 100. I was about nine years old and on a road trip with a family friend in the Florida keys. I walked out to the ocean and shot a picture of a rusty can at sunrise.

It’s been over 50 years since that day but as I recall, that is the spark that ignited my interest in photography. I loved that photograph - and I shot it all my myself.

My journey into the professional ranks was certainly not a direct one. I didn’t study photography in college and my career started at IBM and not in a studio. Some would say I’m “self-taught”, but that’s really a misnomer. I’ve actually been taught by some of the industries greatest talents - some of whom are in our association.

The PPA and our local guild have been, without a doubt, the greatest photography learning resources on the planet. The shear talent in our Dallas PPA family is second to none and I’m humbled to be the president of such a valuable organization.

For many of us, getting paid to be a photographer is like a dream come true. So, as president of the Dallas PPA I think my job is fairly straightforward. I want to inspire you to dream more. I want to enable you to learn more. And, I want to enable you to do more and grow more.

Here’s to the journey…


2017 President
Rob Hull

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