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For our monthly print competition, we will be moving to LIVE competition hosted on Here is how it will work:

1. You must be an approved DPPA member to participate.

2. You must have a membership on There are two membership levels. You can enter and watch live competition with a “Standard” membership ($11 annually - that’s less than half the cost of one physical print entry!). You may optionally upgrade to the “Premium" membership to have access to the full suite of features on the site, including the archives where you can hear judges audio after the competition is complete.

3. Entries will be submitted through the DPPA affiliate event on

4. Digital images must contain a digital presentation. Files must be sized so the longest dimension is 4,000 pixels (20 inches at 200 ppi). Each file must contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe RGB1998 and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10. File naming convention is flexible, but should not include the name of the entrant, or any verbiage that identifies the entrant.

5. The deadline for entries is the SATURDAY prior to the monthly membership meeting AT 5:00 PM CT.. You may upload your entries any time before the entry deadline. Your case fee must be paid by the entry deadline. Entries received after the deadline, or left with unpaid case fees, will be disqualified. You must also be registered to attend the monthly membership meeting by the competition deadline or your entries will be disqualified.

6. Please familiarize yourself with our rules before entering:

7. Just a reminder, images must start at DPPA, so any images entered at other print competitions are not allowed. LIVE JUDGING will take place on the platform on the Sunday prior to the monthly membership meeting at 3:00 PM CT. Anyone is welcome to log into the platform and watch competition. There is no membership required to observe competition.

Official results and awards will be announced during the business portion of the monthly membership meeting. In Person meeting attendance is required to maintain awards eligibility. Your ribbons will be available at the next in-person meeting.

If you have any questions, please email Tina Caron at


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