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Where: Renaissance Hotel, Addison

Saturday, 13th August

9:00 am - 5:00 pm  (There will be a 1 Hour Break for Lunch)

Day 1 Passion in your Craft

    • The Creative Process: In this session, Joel will share with you his creative process and what you can do to supercharge your own creativity. 
    • Lighting: Understand the importance of lighting when creating dynamic images. Joel unlocks the secrets of stunning photographic lighting with a live model.  
    • Lunch on your own
    • Editing: Images captured in the morning session will be edited - showing you how to enhance the impact of the image. Joel will share with you how he set the appropriate color toning and texturing to create award winning images.  
    • Studio on Location: No studio. No problem. Joel shares with you what it takes to create studio quality lighting on location. 

Sunday, 14th August

9:00 am - 5:00 pm  (There will be a 1 Hour Break for Lunch)

Day 2: Blend Creativity in a Pragmatic Business

    • Still Life: Joel loves to create still life fine art and he will share with you the process from inspiration to print. 
    • Editing and Retouching: Joel completes the workflow by taking the images he captured in the morning and shows how to retouch and edit the image to create a stunning fine art print. 
    • Lunch on your own
    • Marketing: You can create stunning photos all day long but unless you know how to market yourself and your images you will never achieve your financial potential. Joel shares his own experience and lets you know what it takes to be a financially successful pro. 


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