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Little Red Schoolhouse Agenda

---- Friday ----

From Good to Great

6pm – 9pm
Competitive Camera providing dinner

What separates the good photographers from the GREAT photographers?
Technique and gear certainly play a role. That is seldom the most important element that distinguishes them. Renowned fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will explain how concept and personal style help differentiate you and move your work to the next level. What are you saying with your images? How will you light? Which lens? What other tools of the visual language will communicate your message? Lindsay will talk about finding your own style. She will discuss finding inspiration for memorable images, expressing a concept, and finally her favorite approaches for creating award-winning photographs.

---- Saturday ----

In Search of Creativity: Creativity in-camera & Photoshop

8am breakfast by Full Color
9am – 12pm lecture
12pm – 1:30pm lunch on your own
1:30pm – 6pm lecture
Arlington Camera providing dinner
6pm – ? Shooting bays

- Part 1: Finding your muse

Sometimes you just cannot wait for your creative muse. Instead, you have to chase after it! Whether you simply don't feel creative or you've found yourself in a creative rut, this presentation will be the spark to ignite you! Join fashion photographer Lindsay Adler as she discusses how she went from ordinary photographs to extraordinary image making. She will share her main sources of inspiration, finding your personal style, creative challenges, misc creative techniques, and much more. In today's world of social media and advanced image-making, anyone can take a pretty picture. What makes your work different? It is me to go in search of your creative self!

- Part 2: Creative in-camera techniques using lighting and various tools

Learn to light fashion portraits like a pro. Lindsay will teach multiple styles of lighting and modifier set-ups. Learn to create everything from a so= and dreamy look to a film noir inspired look. Lindsay will teach the most valuable lighting setups being used in studios today, all delivered in a clear, simple to understand method.

- Part 3: Creative photoshop techniques

Photoshop is the next realm of creativity for today’s photographer. It allows us to make the impossible possible. It allows us to perfect and create. Lindsay will cover everything from basic retouching to intensive and creative modifications. Lindsay will be taking several shots from start to finish... from concept to creative masterpiece.

---- Sunday ----

8am breakfast
9am – 12pm lecture by BWC
12pm – 1pm lunch by Arlington Camera
1pm – 4pm lecture

Fashion Techniques to WOW your Portrait Clients

Use visually tantalizing techniques of fashion photography to WOW your portrait clientele, create memorable imagery and stand out from your competition! Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will share her favorite techniques and uncover how you can utilize the concepts of fashion photography to create extraordinary images for weddings, boudoir, senior portraits and more. Learn about mood boards, concept development, styling, fashion lighting, and much more in this jam-packed lecture!

5 Fashion Lighting Techniques you can Take to the Bank!

Delve deeper into lighting as fashion photographer Lindsay Adler shares stunning lighting techniques that have become essential to her style, career and success as a photographer! While she regularly uses these techniques in her fashion and commercial work, she will demonstrate how these same setups can be utilized to inject excitement into your own work! Whether you shoot portraits, boudoir, maternity or really any other sort of portrait work, these tools and techniques can help you create results that wow your clients and help you stand out from the competition! She will discuss modifiers, light placement, gear and much more to help you use these setups successful in your own work!

Advanced Beauty Retouching in Photoshop

Let’s go beyond blemish removal and basic skin retouching... together we will explore advanced retouching techniques used by high-end retouchers for stunning results! We will cover frequency separation, shaping the face, hair retouching, adding makeup in Photoshop and more fantastic techniques! Not for the beginning retoucher!

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